Campaign contribution.

We want to collect one million statements from people in 193 countries to show that each and everyone can contribute to sustainable development! Facing global challenges we need everyone’s participation! We send 50 blue „world balls“ on a journey inviting people around the world to post on facebook, twitter, instagram or vimeo with the hashtag #selfmadefuture how they individually make the world better. We will launch the campaign at the Environmental Week „Woche der Umwelt“ in Berlin on June 7th.

This is how it works

Who we are
We are eight young people committed to youth participation in decision-making processes. Our young generation should be involved when decisions determining our future are taken. Our initiative “Self Made Future! Young Sustainability Ideas“ supports youth involvement for sustainable development and intends to improve the conditions for such volunteer work. This campaign is a collaborative project of our initiative, the German Federal Environmental Foundation and Fields Corporate Responsability.
We are happy to get your feedback and to hear about your ideas!

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