Results of Google Image Search "making the world better" (Retrieved 22.12.2016).
Results of Google Image Search „making the world better“ (Retrieved 22.12.2016).

Since we started our campaign #selfmadefuture in June, I might have become more sensitive to the phrase “making the world a little better” and it may be just the time of the year to think about how to do good to others. Nevertheless, I feel that in German public, “die Welt ein bisschen besser machen” right now becomes an omnipresent claim even by media which you may doubt to provide any reasonable information such as boulevard papers (BILD Zeitung) or beauty forums ( By the way, I chose those websites because they are on the first page of google results for “ein bisschen besser machen”. I guess that – independent of marketing purposes – those pages which are posting “100 ways to” may have a similar goal as our campaign: to show that everyone can do small things for making improvements.

But when I think about things which actually prevent me from doing things better than usual, I feel it is mostly not about not knowing what I could do but rather about actually putting things into action. This is why we collect real statements of people: to show that each and every one can actually do all those small things. We think that making the world better is not about having single websites, authors, celebrities or great idols showing you how to become a different, better person. It’s about nice, cool, interesting and all in all just common people who simply tell what they are doing in their everyday life and whom you can take as a role model the same way you could take your best friend or your roommate.

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